International Journal

International Journal

On-the-fly Output Compression for Join-based Graph Mining Algorithms

Mostofa Kamal Rasel, Young-Koo Lee, IEEE Access, 2018 (IF:3.557)

Similarity Estimation for Large-Scale Human Action Video Data on Spark

Weihua Xu, Md Azher Uddin, Batjargal Dolgorsuren, Mostafijur Rahman Akhond, Kifayat Ullah Khan, Md Ibrahim Hossain, Young-Koo Lee, Applied Sciences, 2018 (IF:1.68)

Summarized bit batch-based triangle listing in massive graphs

Mostofa Kamal Rasel, En Elena, Young-Koo Lee, Information Sciences, 2018 (IF:4.832)

An effective graph summarization and compression technique for a large-scaled graph

Hojin Seo, Kisung Park, Yongkoo Han, Hyunwook Kim, Muhammad Umair, Kifayat Ullah Khan, Young-Koo Lee, Journal of Supercomputing, 2018 (IF:1.532)

Faster compression methods for a weighted graph using locality sensitive hashing

Kifayat Ullah Khan, Batjargal Dolgorsuren, Nguyen Anh Tu, Waqas Nawaz, Young-Koo Lee, Information Sciences, 2017 (IF:4.732)

LPaMI: A Graph-Based Lifestyle Pattern Mining Application Using Personal Image Collections in Smartphones

Kifayat Ullah Khan, Aftab Alam, Batjargal Dolgorsuren, Md Azher Uddin, Muhammad Umair, Uijeong Sang, Van T.T. Duong, Weihua Xu, Young-Koo Lee, Applied Sciences, 2017 (IF:1.679)

Human action recognition using adaptive local motion descriptor in spark

Md Azher Uddin, Joolekha Bibi Joolee, Aftab Alam, Young-Koo Lee, IEEE Access, 2017 (IF:3.244)

Featured correspondence topic model for semantic search on social image collections

Nguyen Anh Tu, Kifayat Ullah Khan, Young-Koo Lee, Expert Systems with Applications, 2017 (IF:2.879)

Set-based unified approach for summarization of a multi-attributed graph

Kifayat Ullah Khan, Waqas Nawaz, Young-Koo Lee, World Wide Web, 2017 (IF:1.405)

Disk-based shortest path discovery using distance index over large dynamic graphs

Jihye Hong, Kisung Park, Yongkoo Han, Mostofa Kamal Rasel, Dawanga Vonvou, Young-Koo Lee, Information Sciences, 2016 (IF:4.038)

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